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About Badhni Kalan

Badhni-Kalan which is popularly known as Badhni is a small Nagar Panchayat town in Moga District of Punjab state. As per 2011 census this small town had an approximate population of only 6,786. This small town though is centrally located, by virtue of which it shares immense proximity with headquarter city of Moga and few other prominent towns of the district. This has helped in bringing lot of economic and infrastructure development to this town. Though a small town still it enjoys importance in Punjab.

About Badhni Kalan
Gurudwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Badhni Kalan

Economy of Badhni-Kalan

Badhni-Kalan town is surrounded by good number of industries and ample number of service oriented institutions. The most prominent economic hub located near to Badhni-Kalan is Moga town which is home to numerous companies and industrial units. For locals of Badhni-Kalan town these industries and companies are critical for generating employment and they have come to symbolize economic hope for them. It is also important to note that Badhni-Kalan town also has its own share of service oriented companies. They all obviously are important players and integral part of Badhni-Kalan’s local economy. Lastly, Moga’s huge NRI population has also helped Badhni-Kalan town to prosper economically. The huge local NRI population brought in lot of investment and wealth for Moga region over past few decades. Their investment and wealth obviously has had positive impact on many local towns and cities of this region. In fact owing to their growing clout Moga District is often referred to as NRI District of India.

Healthcare Services in Badhni-Kalan

Today there are quite a few well equipped hospitals operating within the jurisdiction of Badhni-Kalan town. Besides, this small town is also home to decent number of Chemist Shops and General Clinics as well. Owing to presence of all these basic facilities healthcare needs of most of the local patients are very well taken care off. Local patients are also greatly helped by many of the advanced and well equipped hospitals operating in headquarter city of Moga. Every year thousands of Badhni-Kalan’s patients suffering from many serious diseases are successfully treated in well equipped hospitals of Moga city. Apart from advanced hospitals, Badhni-Kalan’s patients also benefit from other important healthcare facilities available in Moga city. These facilities include pathological labs, diagnostic centers and specialist doctors. To conclude we can say that Badhni-Kalan’s healthcare service is reliable in every way.

Transportation in Badhni-Kalan

Badhni-Kalan town has a very reliable local transportation and also enjoy very good connectivity with rest of Punjab state. Moga Railway Station and Barnala Railway Station are not located very far away from Badhni-Kalan town. Although both these railway stations are not junction, but they are nonetheless directly connected to many important cities and villages of Punjab state. Local people of Badhni-Kalan can take auto rickshaws at any local commercial areas or important residential areas and travel to any local destination in minimum time. And although there is are city bus or private taxi services here, but their absence hardly causes any major inconvenience to local commuters.

Banking Services in Badhni-Kalan

As per current status four to five reputed banks are operating their branches in Badhni-Kalan town. Considering that Badhni-Kalan is a very small town, then these current numbers can be considered as good enough. Also, branches of reputed banks are available in few adjoining towns and villages as well. And not to mention that many reputed banks are also operating their branches in Moga city as well. With so many choices of banks, today people of Badhni-Kalan town can said to be enjoying a very robust banking service. Including all the modern banking services that today almost all citizens of big urban cities enjoy.

Address: Near Sbi, Barnala Road, Badhni Kalan, District Moga Punjab 142037
Not available: not available

State Bank of India
Address: Moga Barnala Road, District Moga
Phone no: Not available

Safety and Security in Badhni Kalan

Not just law and order of Badhni-Kalan town, but also law and order of entire Moga District is so stable that local people hardly have to spare any thought about their safety and security. However, like in all stable and peaceful cities, pity and small crimes also occur in Badhni-Kalan town. Such criminal offences are immediately registered in Badhni-Kalan’s local police Station. This local police station is very centrally located and is therefore very easily accessible to all local citizens. The critical role played by this police station in keeping law and order of this town in control must be acknowledged in unequivocal terms. For More Click Here

Badhni-Kala Police station: 01636 250030

Badhni Kalan at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Moga
• Official : Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 142037
Telephone code : 01636-
Vehicle registration : pb-29

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